Business Model

A rock solid business model

Gokhale Constructions & Properties Pvt. Ltd. has secured a top slot in the luxury housing segment, and a major chunk of the company’s business comes from the redevelopment of old properties. A partnership firm with two partners, Vishal Gokhale and PoonamGokhale, the company has registered excellent net worth over the past few years.

With real estate prices rising beyond the capacity of a common buyer, redevelopment of old properties comes as an excellent solution to the space crunch in metros. Under the leadership of Vishal Gokhale, Gokhale Constructions holds a prime position in the eyes of bankers, financers and buyers. It was challenging to steer the company towards spectacular heights in a short span, however, this feat became possible owing to a financially clear and transparent model.

With diversification plans in process and an expansion blueprint for the regional and national markets, the company has set its foot into new property development. Experience and understanding of the market as the back-support and a calculated expansion plan as the lead plan, Gokhale Constructions & Properties Pvt. Ltd. certainly has structured a sturdy growth model for the years to come.