Gokhale Constructions is backed by a strong team of civil and electrical engineers, architects, R.C.C consultants, legal consultants, landscape designers & administrative and marketing staff.


Since, we and Vishal belong to the same age group, somewhere it helps our thoughts and ideas to connect easily. While he is extremely passionate about his work, Vishal has a wonderful quality of listening to the opinions of others and implementing everything in the best interests of the project. We experienced it first-hand during the construction of Aunbhav. While the expenses were exceeding the budget, he went ahead with our vision, because he strongly believed in delivering the best elevation for the project. This type of conviction and decision-making is bound to result in tremendous success for both Vishal and Gokhale Constructions.

- Anirudh Shinde and Milind Joshi, Architects


A result-driven entrepreneur

Vishal Gokhale is a young individual with a dynamic business sense. His strength lies in thinking differently from what people usually do. Mostly, businessmen study the market trends and then take up a project. On the other hand, Vishal tries to understand what the market and the people need, and then takes it up with conviction. In fact, he has a gift of convincing all the involved stake holders. He has proven his mettle again and again. Vishal has a crystal clear vision for the future of Gokhale Constructions. We work on 250 to 300 projects at one time. In all these projects, the ones by Gokhale Constructions stand out

- Manoj Tatuskar and Vikas Achalkar, Architects

A visionary developer

Having worked with Vishal for almost 4 years, one thing I am convinced about is that he is a man of substance. One of Vishal's biggest strength is that he can bring his thoughts to life through the construction of buildings, exactly the way he wants. He is very clear about his ideas and is in complete control of their execution.

- Mahesh Nampurkar, Landscape Designer

A versatile individual

Vishal Gokhale is extremely innovative when it comes to project execution and continuously explores new technologies in the field of construction. He maintains complete transparency in all his dealings with every single customer. He always strives to live by the principle of 'under-promising' and 'over-delivering'.

- Sujay Ranade, Chartered Accountant

Quick decision making

The growth and progress achieved by Gokhale Constructions in the last 10 years is commendable and truly inspirational. Brand Gokhale Constructions has always been known for its timely delivery and transparency in dealings. The strong foundation of principles on which the brand stands today, makes me believe that it will witness tremendous growth in the years to come.

- Rugwed Deshpande, Director, Setu Advertising

Their every customer speaks for them

Vishal Gokhale's journey has been incredible. In fact, in the past 3-4 years, they have conceptualised and delivered many new projects for their customers. Delivering each project on its promised date and maintaining complete transparency in every transaction, Gokhale Constructions has ensured that every single customer vouches for them. Their every customer is like a PR agency for them.

- Tushar Joshi, 100% PR