Innovative Practices

Gokhale Constructions & Properties Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as a top-ranking company in eco-friendly housing. IGBC has awarded a ‘Gold Rating’ to Manbhavan, a project by Gokhale Constructions & Properties Pvt. Ltd. on the basis of its eco-friendly designs. This proves the company’s penchant for eco-friendly designs. Another residential project completed by them, ‘Hariprabha’, was conferred with the title ‘Best Residential Apartment’ by the Builders Association of India. Their affinity for nature-friendly practices is also evident from the innovative practices adopted in their projects, like the use of vermiculture pits, solar panels, rainwater harvesting, use of fly ash bricks, home automation systems that optimize the use of energy resources and designs that facilitate the ingress of sunlight and air, thus reducing the usage of power.

The Company also came up with the innovative concept of providing 'Right Sized Homes' at the 'Right Price' at 'Right Locations' through their undertaking 'Go Right'. This initiative was undertaken with the sole objective of making homes in prime areas accessible to the average buyer.