Why Bhargavi Chirmule wanted a 'Gokhale Constructions' home

"Marathi actress Bhargavi Chirmule expresses her delight at owning a Gokhale Constructions home in this special Testimonial video created for our 'Dashakpoorti' celebrations!"

Why the Keskars and Bharadwajs chose Gokhale Constructions to redevelop their bungalows

"Two bungalow owners speak about their decision in choosing to redevelop their beloved home with Gokhale Constructions in this special 'Dashakpoorti' Testimonial video"

How Gokhale Constructions is able to inspire trust in their clients

"In this special Dashakpoorti testimonial video Mrs. Harshada Kulkari, who is a flat owner in our very first project Ishan, and Mr. Pravin Bhalerao who has been associated with us for over 5 years talk about how their faith in the organization has paid off!"

Why Mr. & Mrs. Chiplunkar feel so proud at the growth of Gokhale Constructions

"This senior citizen couple was looking to buy a home close to their daughter, and gained a son in the process. Mr.& Mrs. Chiplunkar, the first owners of a Gokhale Constructions home, recall their wonderful experience of buying a home with the organization and how they developed a close bond with Vishal Gokhale, due to his honesty and sincerity."

What a great experience!

" If I had to highlight just one characteristic of Gokhale Constructions, it would have to be their policy of absolute transparency. Although it was the great offer that made me purchase a new flat in 'Amruta Society', the exceptional quality of construction made my experience here a good one. Their planning was done with a lot of care. And even though this took time, they still kept up their delivery date. What was delivered, fulfilled all our expectations."

-Nilesh Shrikhande, Amruta Housing Society

A developer with a respectful, inclusive outlook

" 12 of us, who worked together at Kirloskar, came together to form a society around 1975-76. Over the past 35 years, the buildings saw a lot of wear and tear. That is when we started considering redevelopment. We had a lot to consider, so it took us almost 7 years to come to a consensus. Once it was decided that we were going to redevelop the society, we began hunting for a good developer. One of the names recommended to us was Gokhale Constructions. We really liked the proposal that they sent us as well as the work they had completed so far.

They told us exactly what could be done, and what couldn't be done – no lofty promises for the sake of securing the deal. When they presented their plans, they made sure that they did it in front of us, and involved our children as well. At every stage, they made sure they kept us informed, and addressed any concerns we might have had. This ensured that we remained stress-free for the entire duration of the construction. What we found especially insightful, was the fact that they included our children's names as heirs on the property. Despite being from the younger generation himself, his humility and the respect that he showed us elders was noteworthy."

-K. R. Nadgir, Topaz Housing Society

A blend of artistry and modernity

"We wanted a home in the center of the city. Anugraha is not only in the great location of Shaniwar Peth, it definitely stands out amongst the rest of the projects in the area. The elevation is absolutely breathtaking and the features are modern, and make life very comfortable. But most importantly, we are very thankful to Gokhale Constructions for delivering our home in such a timely manner."

-Shalmali Gokhale, Anugraha Apartments

Timely & Trustworthy

" My grandfather had built a bungalow in Subhash Nagar in 1938. To redevelop this structure, I had enquired at quite a few places. Out of all the proposals, I liked the one sent by Gokhale Constructions the best.

I knew I had made the right choice when I saw the end product. Every corner was created with careful thought. The building is beautiful to look at, and is full of modern amenities to make life comfortable. They also took care of all the legalities and permissions in an efficient manner. They even completed the constructions two months before the delivery date. I found Gokhale Constructions very trustworthy and true to their word. "

-Ramesh Bhave, Vyankateshprasad Apartments

200% Satisfaction

"One has a lot of expectations when one books a home. Often, only 70-80% of these expectations get fulfilled. But with Gohake Constructions, I felt like they had gone above and beyond my expectations and delivered 200% satisfaction. Their timely delivery, superior quality of construction and extremely courteous and thoughtful interactions are qualities that I found exceptional. I have no complaints at all."

-Lakhmasibhai Patel, Krushnakamal Apartments