Karve Nagar: The neighbourhood of culture and the future

The west of Pune is known for its legacy of nurturing the city’s culture, which people are proud of across generations. And while Kothrud is considered the beacon of this value, Karve Nagar has been the neighbourhood that has not just nurtured the cultural richness of the city but has slowly and surely empowered its transition towards the future. A home in this beautiful location, with a rich cultural legacy and smart future, is thus a blessing. And with a Gokhale home, it just becomes more prosperous. So, why should you choose from five fantastic Gokhale projects located at fabulous locations across Karve Nagar? Take a look.
1. Access to peace and prosperity –
While the outskirts of the city have gone beyond hustle and bustle, transitioning into chaos, Karve Nagar has maintained its charm. Its subtle green cover soothes the heart, while the easy-paced lifestyle makes sure that every age group feels relaxed here. What else is prosperity in everyday life?
2. Excellent public infrastructure –
From well-made roads that are equally well-lit to abundant water supply and public spaces like parks present abundantly, Karve Nagar is a haven of urban living, with every convenience and facility enriching the lives of residents here. All five Gokhale landmarks in Karve Nagar thus come with an abundant water supply while offering easy access to public parks.
3. Everything for everyone –
Every member of your family will be easily connected to the destinations that matter to them; that too is of the highest quality. Pune’s most popular schools and colleges are nearby, including Karve Stree Shikshan Sansthan, while every need for daily convenience—grocery, stationery, medical stores, and salons—is there at every nook and corner. A Gokhale home is always a stone’s throw away from all of them.
4. City life in abundance –
The many lawns, restaurants, and banquets on DP Road offer delightful destinations for lifestyle, including Pandit Farms, Vishnuji ki Rasoi, and Mahalaxmi Lawns. On the other hand, all the destinations that Kothrud celebrates are close by for leisure, shopping, and indulgence.
5. The Gokhale World–
With so much in its favour, all one needs now are premium residences that offer an upgraded living experience. And with Gokhale, the choice is abundant. While the stylish elevations catch everyone’s attention, one is literally spoilt for choice when it comes to configurations. From 2 and 3 BHK apartments to 4 and 4.5 BHK apartments and penthouses, Gokhale offers everything in Karve Nagar.
So, if you have decided that Karve Nagar is going to be your address, all you need to do is visit a Gokhale project and confirm your destination. Gangalahari, Agasti, Swamikrupa, Samartha, and Rama Madhav can become your homes in the beautiful landscape of Karve Nagar. Go ahead and take your pick with Gokhale.

Empowering the Rising Pune

Since 2004, Gokhale Group has shaped next-gen global landmarks for new-age Punekars. With over 175+ projects over 20+ locations, our success comes from our understanding of people’s global lifestyle expectations. In an era where urban landscapes are constantly evolving, we stand at the forefront of innovation with our latest initiative RISE, Redevelopment Initiative for Self Empowered. RISE by Gokhale represents a groundbreaking approach to community development, placing the power of transformation directly into the hands of those who call these communities home.

Self-redevelopment is a paradigm shift in the way communities grow and RISE acknowledges the unique character and aspirations of each community, offering a tailor-made solution that preserves the essence of the neighborhood while addressing its evolving needs. Here’s how self-redevelopment is beneficial to you:

1. Community Empowerment –

Empowering residents to actively participate in the redevelopment process fosters a sense of ownership and pride. RISE encourages community members to envision the future of their locality and actively contribute to its realization.

2. Preservation of Identity –
One of the key advantages of self-redevelopment is the preservation of a community’s cultural and historical identity. By involving residents in the decision-making process, RISE ensures that the redevelopment project reflects the unique essence of the area.
3. Cost Efficiency –

Self-redevelopment often proves to be more cost-effective compared to traditional approaches. With RISE, communities can allocate resources more efficiently, ensuring that every investment aligns with the specific needs and priorities of the residents.

4. Enhanced Quality of Life –
As communities actively engage in the redevelopment process, the result is a living space that caters to the well-being and aspirations of its residents. Improved infrastructure, green spaces, and amenities contribute to an enhanced quality of life for everyone.

We, at Gokhale, recognize that successful self-redevelopment requires a multidisciplinary approach. Our team of experts brings together professionals with diverse skills, including urban planners, architects, engineers, and community development specialists. Here’s how our team will assist in the RISE initiative:

1. Comprehensive Assessment –

Before embarking on the redevelopment journey, our experts conduct a thorough assessment of the existing infrastructure, community needs, and future aspirations. This holistic approach ensures that the redevelopment plan is not only efficient but also aligns with the values of the community.

2. Customized Solutions –
RISE isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Our team collaborates closely with residents to develop a tailor-made plan that considers the unique characteristics and requirements of each community. This ensures that the end result is a living space that resonates with the people who call it home.
3. Project Management and Execution –
Gokhale’s expert team takes the lead in project management and execution, overseeing every aspect of the redevelopment process. From securing necessary approvals to coordinating construction activities, we ensure a seamless and efficient transformation.

RISE by Gokhale embodies our commitment to sustainable and community-centric development. By empowering residents through self-redevelopment, we envision vibrant, thriving communities that serve as models for the future of urban living. Together, let’s rise to the occasion and shape a better tomorrow for our neighborhoods.

Dahanukar Colony: The perfect urban residential destination

While Kothrud has always been a favourite residential neighbuorhood across generations, there are certain localities within Kothrud that are more popular than others. Leading the charts is Dahanukar Colony, a quaint locality that has become the most preferred residential destination for Punekars. Home to 6 Gokhale residential projects that offer a wide variety of indoor configurations, you have a chance to enjoy cosy 2 BHK living or grand 3 and 4 BHK lifestyle in Dahanukar with us. But before that, here’s why Dahanukar Colony is the perfect choice for you too!

1. The ultimate green cover –
While city life is devoid of greenery, Dahanukar Colony has a unique blessing. In spite of being one the hubs of city living, it has maintained a sense of greenery that is rare and unmatched in Pune. Trees lining up various lanes make for a pretty picture, but also make the overall environment happier and better.
2. Happening yet peaceful –
Dahanukar Colony is close to numerous lifestyle destinations of Kothrud and yet has a sense of peacefulness to it. Afternoons are still quiet and laid back, while nights are so cosy and devoid of noise that it’s a pleasure for all the residents.
3. The all-family neighbourhood –
From reputed schools to well-known colleges as well as important workplaces, everything is close by Dahanukar Colony. Additionally, destinations of healthcare for the elderly are easily accessible to make it full of comfort for everyone. Public parks add to the leisurely quotient for everyone.
4. Hub of lifestyle –
Whether its Yashwantrao Chavan Natyagurha or City Pride Kothrud and many more destinations of social gathering and celebrations, all of them are extremely close to a home at Dahanukar Colony. A sense of enriched and upgraded urban living is yours to enjoy here.
5. The Gokhale Advantage –
On top of all this, Gokhale offers a wide variety of choice in Dahanukar Colony. Residential projects that add the charm of modern, premium indoor living to the beautiful outdoors of Dahanukar Colony, promise the perfect blend of urban living. What’s more; with 6 projects to choose from, you are spoilt for choice from our well-designed 2, 3 and 4 BHK Apartments. And yes, you’ll love the grand entrance lobbies that every Gokhale project offers.

From Ayodhyanagar to Harikrupa and Chandramapuri Gokhale is shaping multiple landmarks in the scenic lanes of Dahanukar Colony. There are 3 more projects for you to choose from – Kalakunj, Kojagiri and Anuprita B. So, if Dahanukar Colony has your heart, Gokhale is ready to welcome you home.

GBB: Transforming Kothrud’s Business Ecosystem

Known as the cultural hub of Pune, Kothrud has evolved from being a residential destination to a centre of commercial activity. And while this evolution has been taking shape over more than a decade, Gokhale Business Bay, or GBB as it is popularly known, has revolutionized this evolution. Here’s how GBB has been the catalyst for this futuristic transformation of Kothrud’s business ecosystem and ambitions.
1. Grandeur, like never before –

Over the years, many commercial spaces have risen on the skyline of Kothrud. While they were modern at that point in time, they were never larger than life. With GBB, Kothrud got its first-ever mega commercial address. A 20-storey grand business tower with 1.5 million square feet of commercial spaces, opened up a new world of ambitions and possibilities in Kothrud.

2. World-class, in every way –
GBB brings with it features and specifications that simply global in nature. From high-speed elevators to lavish entrance lobby and landscaped indoor spaces, it is at par with the finest business addresses, globally. This was something Kothrud didn’t have before.
3. Future-ready, for growth –
Previously, the commercial addresses in and around Kothrud didn’t have dedicated infrastructure necessary to foster growth and sustainability. But GBB addresses these aspects perfectly. 12 Storeys of parking space make it ready to accommodate growing workforce and visitors for many years to come.
4. Trendsetter for operations –
Today’s businesses come with needs that are very specific. From space for employees to catering to clients, there’s a lot that needs to be taken care of. At GBB, office spaces starting 1000 sq. ft. come with customization to suit big, small amnd mid-scale enterprises. There are also meeting rooms and well-equipped conference rooms available to use for important discussions.
5. Blending lifestyle perfectly –
At GBB, one of the biggest differentiators, which had been missing in Kothrud’s commercial landscape has been effectively addressed. Its showrooms already host some of the biggest lifestyle brands including Croma and Westside, while the F&B spaces make it an attractive preposition for people as well. This ensures that corporate offices are complemented by other spaces.

All in all, GBB is not just the biggest business landmark in Kothrud, but a beacon of the growth-driven aspirations of Kothrud. Make your move today and choose form limited edition offices and showrooms to fast-track your growth and success, at the heart of Kothrud.

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